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July 13, 2024
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New ASF cases found in parts of Africa

Fresh outbreaks of African Swine Fever (ASF) have been reported in parts of Africa, including South Africa’s Western Cape region, reporting its first cases at two small farms, as well as outbreaks in the Free State, Eastern Cape and Gauteng provinces, and in Boavista Island, part of the Cape Verde Islands.

Western Cape’s agriculture minister said a survey to determine the extent of the disease’s spread in Mfuleni and the immediate surrounding area has already been initiated and will include the collection of blood samples from selected sick pigs from suspect farms.

Local Authorities in Boavista Island confirmed that traces of ASF were found in pigs raised on several farms located in the Industrial Zone of Sal-Rei, with local authorities making progress with the implementation of sanitary measures, involving the Boa Vista Chamber, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, the Health Police and the National Police, “for the defense of Public Health”.

A ban on slaughtering pigs without authorization has been placed to stop the disease from spreading after 7 cases were confirmed by the veterinary laboratory of the Cape Verdean Livestock Service Directorate.

Activities such as “slaughtering pigs” without proper authorization “, the movement of pigs between locations on that island and to other islands, including derived products, are” totally prohibited”, according to a report from euromeatnews.com, referencing a document released by the island’s directorate.

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