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July 13, 2024
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Kwale County Donates High Breed Cattle To Farmers

Small scale farmers in Kwale County will benefit from grade cattle being distributed by the County Government.

Kwale Governor, Salim Mvurya, said the initiative by the devolved unit is designed as a ‘ladder out of poverty’ for small-scale livestock farmers through enhanced milk and meat production to spur income generation.

Governor Mvurya who oversaw the distribution of 50 beef cattle and 20 heifers to livestock keepers says the main objective of the project spread in the 20 wards, is to help improve the dairy herd in terms of number and quality of meat and milk yield.

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya speaks to residents in Puma Ward in Kinango Sub- county during the distribution of high grade cattle to small scale farmers in the region. Photo by Hussein Abdullahi.

He urged the beneficiaries to take good care of the animals by forming interest groups to share best practices.

The calves are a ‘pass on’ from farmers who received dairy cattle last year in a programme initiated by the devolved unit since 2014 that has benefited hundreds of farmers across the coastal County.

Mvurya set out for the exercise that started at Ukunda showground for Ukunda and Gombato wards before moving to Kanana and Mrima Polytechnic in Pongwe-Kikoneni ward, Mwalewa and Vanga in Vanga ward and Puma and Mackinnon Road wards.

“Our desire is to enable farmers to produce good quality and quantity of meat and milk from their livestock by enhancing dairy and beaf breeds,” he said, adding that many farmers today enjoy milk products as a result of the distribution programme while their animal stocks have improved as well,” Mvurya noted.

The County boss said the livestock distribution project will in the long run increase milk and meat production, incomes for farmers, besides ensuring food and nutritional security to the beneficiaries.

The two-term Governor said he is determined to address the challenges affecting dairy production with the aim of turning dairy farming into a vibrant sector that contributes to the local economy.

“We have detailed our ward veterinary officers to serve farmers without charge to ensure that they don’t incur high costs in taking care of their animals,” he said.

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