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SKIOLD SmartDos | Feeding system for loose, gestating sows

Individualized feeding for optimal results

Feeding of Sows

Welcome to SKIOLD SmartDos, the advanced feeding system designed specifically for loose, gestating sows. Our innovative solution ensures that each sow receives the correct ration at every feeding event and on a daily basis, resulting in optimal nutrition and overall herd performance.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Feeding

SKIOLD SmartDos utilizes cutting-edge technology to recognize each sow individually. By reading the sow’s ear tag, our system accurately distributes the allowed feed ration, ensuring precise feeding control.

  1. Customizable Feed Curves

With SKIOLD SmartDos, you can manage multiple feed curves within the system. This flexibility allows you to adjust the feeding regimen based on the sow’s age and body type, optimizing their nutritional requirements throughout different stages of gestation.

  1. Enhanced Animal Welfare

At SKIOLD, we prioritize animal welfare. Our feeding system promotes a more natural environment by housing sows in large groups instead of confined spaces. This setup improves their ability to move freely and socialize, resulting in happier, healthier animals.

  1. Stress-Free Feeding Events

During feeding events, SKIOLD SmartDos ensures that each sow is protected from other sows. By minimizing stress and anxiety, our system helps keep the sows calmer, leading to improved feed utilization and overall well-being.

Improve Your Feeding Practices Today!

Don’t miss out on the benefits of SKIOLD SmartDos feeding system. Experience the power of precision feeding, improved animal welfare, and enhanced herd performance. Contact us now to learn more or schedule a demonstration.


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