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July 21, 2024
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Intracare launches the world’s most eco-friendly hoof bandage

Intracare, developer and supplier of products for veterinary health and nutrition, has come up with the world’s most eco-friendly hoof bandage, which will be available worldwide

The product is packed ecologically without plastics and is produced without chemical colouring. (Image source: Intracare)

The company has spent two-and-a-half years years researching and developing an alternative bio-degradable hoof bandage ‘Intra Eco Tape’, based on a natural fabric composition. The new bandage preserves its original properties such as a good stretchability, easy-tear and great adhesive properties. The product is packed ecologically without plastics and is produced without chemical colouring.  

Intracare develops, produces and supplies proven and effective veterinary medicines, biosecurity, hygiene products, nutrients and innovations for sustainable and modern livestock farming and horticulture worldwide. Intracare improves the health and well-being of plants, animals and consumers. Its innovative strength creates sustainable growth and financial returns for farmers and businesses.

Environment friendly

Annually, no less than 15 million synthetic hoof bandages are used worldwide on lame cows. Large amounts of these non-degradable hoof bandages, end up in our environment in waste containers, manure pits or on the fields. With Intra Eco Tape we take a huge step in our sustainability transition. Intra Eco Tape will give fewer problems for the farmer with the manure mixer, the slurry injectors and waste on the field.

Besides the ecological benefits, Intra Eco Tape also offers the user greater value for money. One roll treats an average of three to four hooves while most offered products reach an average of two to three hooves.

Part of Intra Hoof- and skin care programme

Intra Eco Tape is part of the Intra Hoof-fit Programme, which offers top line healthcare products for treatment and maintenance of hoof- and skin ailments with dairy herds, livestock and ungulates by veterinarians, hoof trimmers and (dairy) farmers. Intra Hoof-fit Gel and Intra Repiderma are established brands in the industry. Intra Eco Tape will be available globally via an extensive dealer network.

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