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July 21, 2024
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Breeding Values Highlights 2023

The Swissgenetics line-up of Original Braunvieh continues to be very strong. Run after run we are adding complete proven bulls and at the same time our group of genomic bulls is growing by number of bulls and by the quality of every single bull.


Proven bulls

AUREL (Lego x William x Verol): Aurel is the new proven bull with a different pedigree and with nice indexes for udder composite, milk production, daughter-temperament and beef. His family is very strong and his dam, granddam and great granddam are scored with at least EX93!

ORBITER (Orelio x Karlo x Monti): Orbiter is another proven bull with a different pedigree and from a new cow family. ORBITER has a balanced profile for production indexes and can also easily add more substance to all functional traits. He is a big improver for feet & legs and udder composite. He is AB and A2/A2.

ORKAN (Orelio x Robin x Milton): we like to write something about Orkan because he has proven to be our best bull for beef index and is also positive for milk kg, components and SCS. Orkan is also positive for feet&legs and udder composite. He is BB and A2A2

MINISTER (Valido x Hecker x Vento): This grandson of Vento Meieli is proven with a great proof. This bull is consistent, complete and balanced and he also excels in milking speed index! This bull is also A2/A2.

ORLANDO (Rico x Voeris x Roni): His dam is Voeris OLYMPIA EX97, an exceptional cow for longevity and lifetime production with 11 lactations and more than 100,000 kg of lifetime production! ORLANDO is now our best proven bull for total index and he excels for components, fitness and conformation!

LORDAN (Rino x Lukas x Gral): Lordan has a very high reliability. The Bruna OB 2022 show was a great occasion for this bull, all intermediate classes were dominated by his daughters. The best three udder Champions of the Intermediate final have been Lordan-daughters and the Intermediate Champion was a Lordan daughter!


Optimis (genomic bulls)

EDELWEISS (Einar x Lordan x Eldor): Edelweiss is the new star of the OB breed for type and mammary system, and is by far the best bull with an incredible udder index at 148! His dam Lordan Glena is scored at EX-95 and she is a famous show cow. Edelweiss is also an improver for all fitness traits and he is very good for SCE.

FADRI (Valser x Lordan x Vento): Fadri is the right bull if you like to add to your cows production and type without compromiss, he is also positive for SCS, longevity and milking speed.

KAISER (Killy x Minor x Heiko): the dam of Kaiser is Minor MEIELI EX-93 and his father is our famous bull KILLY! Kaiser is our best bull for all fitness traits and he excels also for DPR, longevity and mastitis resistance, At the same time is an udder specialist. Kaiser is BB for k-casein

OMAR (Orkan x Lordan x Karlo): Omar is not a new bull but he is the new leader in the Swiss rankings. Omar is the son of Lordan URMI EX-94 and he is the right choice if you want to improve production, type and beef indexes at the same time!

ANTONIC (Armando x Orlando x Karlo): he is one of the highest genomic bulls and he is also one of the best available bull for udder index. His dam is EX-92 and he is the best genomic bull for udder index. Antonic is one of the few bulls that can greatly improve DPR and mastitis resistance!

TORONTO (Orkan x Valido x William): Toronto is the grandson of the famous William Poldi EX-95 and he is currently our best sire of sons. Toronto is also available with sexed semen and he is AB and A2/A2.

RASIMUS (Rugel x Harlei x Magnus): Rasimus is a new Optimis bull and is also a new sire of sons. His dam is Harlei HUMANA EX-95, his granddam and his great granddam are EX93 and EX94! His dam is a strong show cow and she was Reserve Champion of her class at Bruna 2022. The genomic profile of Rasimus is complete and balanced, he excels for milk Kg, DPR, SCS, udder composite and longevity.

ZOGGEL (Max x Rivaldo x William): Zoggel is another grandson of William POLDI EX95, the Reserve Senior Grand Champion of Bruna 2022. He is a strong bull for all fitness traits and excels for DPR, beef index and SCE. His production indexes are also very positive and Zoggel is BB and A2/A2.

Lordan GLENA, dam of FADRI

Orlando ORSANA, dam of ANTONIC

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