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June 20, 2024
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Aviagen renews contract with Ross distributor in Egypt, celebrating 30 years of collaboration

In April, Aviagen strengthened their collaboration with their exclusive Ross distributor, Wadi Poultry Group, through the renewal of their Grandparent (GP) contract, which allows them to distribute Ross parent stock (PS) chicks into the Egyptian market


Wadi Group was established in 1984 with a small-scale poultry operation. The company specialises in rearing, breeding, hatching and selling broiler parents, commercial broiler and layer day-old chicks (DOCs) and providing superior performance and high genetic potential.

Bulent Tanyildizi, business manager, MENA and Erkin Erkmen, Ross International commercial manager, MENA, visited Wadi Group’s office in Cairo, Egypt for the signing of the contract alongside Tony Freiji, executive chairman, Wadi Group and Puzant Dakessian, poultry division CEO, Wadi Group.

“The legacy which began 30 years ago has brought us great success, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Aviagen and the Ross 308 breed. I am thrilled to announce that Wadi has just signed and renewed the exclusive GP supply agreement with Aviagen for producing and marketing the Ross 308 breed in Egypt. This collaboration marks another major milestone for both Aviagen and Wadi Group, and opens up a world of great opportunities in the future. This will allow us to leverage our strengths, expertise and resources to deliver even greater value and return on investment to our customers. A big thank you to all of our clients and stakeholders for their continued support. Their trust in Wadi Group drives us to constantly push the boundaries and deliver exceptional results,” commented Dakessian.

Erkmen added, “Over the last 30 years, Wadi Group has greatly contributed to the success of the Ross 308 breed within the Egyptian market. The Ross 308 broiler and breeder are performing exceptionally well in the market, and the Wadi Group and Aviagen teams have worked hard to ensure the genetic potential of the breed is recognised amongst poultry producers in the region. We are proud to work together with Wadi Group and appreciate their dedication and loyalty to Aviagen and the Ross brand. We look forward to witnessing the future growth and success of the Ross brand in Egypt.”

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