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July 21, 2024
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Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights August 2021

Another very good run with a high index stability for our proven bulls!

The August proof is adding some interesting new bulls such as CANYON, NESCO and BAYS and is also showing a high level of stability for most of the proven bulls, who are continuing to add new daughters and the indexes are very stable. This factor is very important for the proven bulls and for all genomic bulls related to the proven bulls!

New release:

BAYS (Arrow x Nesta x Moiado): BAYS is the maternal brother of BIVER but his profile is totally different. BAYS is a clear leader in all production traits. He breeds average size cows with good udders and very functional feet & legs. His daughters are the invisible cows – they are no-problem cows with a low SCS and high mastitis resistance! Bays is BB and A2A2 and available with sexed semen doses.

CANYON (Calvin x Blooming x Zando): CANYON is a CALVIN-son with a balanced profile. CANYON can improve production indexes and will also add more positive genes to all fitness traits. He has a nice type profile with special qualities for rump, feet & legs and udder composite. Canyon is BB and A1A2

NESCO (Nescardo x Glenn x Wagor): NESCO has a very deep pedigree with several EX cows in his pedigree. He is an elite bull for conformation and is also a very good improver for components. NESCO is also BB and A2A2.

NALDO (Arrow x Alasko x Jongleur): NALDO’s pedigree is full of EX cows. His dam along with 4 cows on his maternal side are EX91 or more. His profile reflects the quality of his cow family. He is currently the new number one for conformation index and also for udder composite index. The huge indexes for fat % and protein % and with all the positive indexes for fitness traits, make him even more attractive!

AMIR (Arrow x Sirkan x Jolden): AMIR is the third son of ARROW and he is another very good option. He comes from a deep cow family with many top results in many different shows. His pedigree is free from BLOOMING and BIVER blood and he has a very complete profile with a great conformation profile and top indexes for components. AMIR is BB and A2A2.

Top proven bulls:

CAPUCINO (Nello x Glenn x Dino): CAPUCINO comes from a deep family with many generations of cows with nice udders and high longevity. CAPUCINO has confirmed his April proof and he has improved his udder composite index! CAPUCINO is BB and A2A2!

ROMINO (Blooming x Nescardo x Jolden): ROMINO is the best BLOOMING-son for milk yield and he is a golden cross for conformation and show type. ROMINO is also BB and A2A2

VICTOR P (Viking P x Glenn x Vigor): VICTOR P has a complete profile and he excels in milk, fat and udder indexes. His fitness traits are showing him as a good improver for daughter fertility, SCS, longevity and lactation persistency. This bull is AB and A2A2.

PHIL (Norwin x Blooming x Vigor): PHIL can be described in just a few words: the udder maker with a lot of milk and protein. He is BB and A2A2 and available with sexed semen doses.

BUNIN (Simbaboy x Ironpunch x Tau): BUNIN is the best SIMBABOY-son for the milk kg index. He is the right bull to improve production without losing longevity, daughter fertility and functional type. He is an Outcross bull with a very deep cow family. He is BB and A2A2 and available with sexed semen doses.

TURAYO (Simbaboy x Huray x Prunki): TURAYO is another son of SIMBABOY but his profile makes him one of the most focused bulls for the future market with a balanced profile for production, a very functional profile for conformation and an incredible profile for all fitness traits! This bull is absolutely the right choice to improve daughter fertility, longevity, mastitis resistance and calf vitality without compromises. He is BB and A2A2 and available with sexed semen doses.

Optimis (genomic bulls): new releases

BINIAM (Dreamer x Virkon x Amadeus): BINIAM comes from a new line of the BIVER and BAYS family and is the new complete and solid Optimis bull that ranks very highly worldwide. BINIAM is BB and A2A2 and available with sexed semen doses.

ROCKY (Toby x Haegar x Villstar): ROCKY is the first available son of Haegar ROBINA, the intermediate champion of Swiss Expo 2020! ROCKY is another bull whose pedigree is free from BLOOMING and BIVER blood. ROCKY is an udder composite improver with high indexes for longevity and SCE. He is BB and A2A2 and available with sexed semen doses.

YULE (Holdrio x Lennox x Egal):YULE is another Optimis bull with a nice cross and a deep family behind him. The foundation cow of his pedigree is the unforgettable Trilog DORLI EX94. YULE is leading the Swiss rankings for conformation and udder composite.!! The balanced profile for production and his good fitness traits make him a complete package. He is also BB and A2A2 and available with sexed semen doses.

VELMER P (Visor P x Fact x Blooming): For the first time, the leader of the total index ranking of Switzerland is a polled bull! VELMER P is a huge improver of all fitness traits and can also be a very good choice to improve production, udder quality and rump structure. He is BB and A1A2.

CAYENNE (Surselvastar x Phil x Big Boy): CAYENNE is the first bull available with a PHIL dam and a new deep family behind him. His dam has been scored VG85 at 2 years old. This bull has been used as sire of sons and looks very attractive for his production indexes and for his special udder traits. Besides, he is available with sexed semen doses.

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