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Signs to Know Your Birds Need To Be Dewormed

When you observe any of these signs in your chickens, you should know that your flock is severely under the threat of parasitic worms. These signs are:

Decrease in Feed Consumption: This is the first symptom of virtually all poultry disease or infection. When birds are threatened by worms, they eat less; this leads to a reduction in feed utilization.

Emaciation: Birds become emaciated as a result of low feed utilization. Birds lose weight greatly.

Drop in Production: this is noticed in laying birds; there is a drastic drop in egg production. The birds are unfit to produce; at times, it takes a very long time for the birds to recover.

The Birds Sleep Excessively: Chickens are very vibrant and agile animals; it is very normal for birds to sleep but when this is noticed incessantly, then the birds have been hooked by worms

Stained Vent: Though, this is not always peculiar to worm infestation alone but it’s a good symptom to know a bird under the infestation of worms.

A Sharp Protruding Keel Bone: The keel bone is found in the chest region. It is located on the sternum of the chicken. When it becomes obvious, it means the birds are severely under worm infestations.

Vomiting: This is another good sign that shows a chicken is being disturbed by a worm. This happens when the birds have harboured the worm for a very long time or when the birds are infected with gizzard or hairworm.

Pale Yolk Colour: When a bird is seriously under worm infestation, it shows in the egg size and the colour of the yolk. The egg size becomes smaller and irregular; also, a pale coloured yolk is produced.

Pale Comb and Wattle: The comb and wattle are always brightly coloured; when a pale colour yolk is noticed, a worm is likely to be at work.

Stretching Of The Neck: When you notice your birds suddenly begin to stretch their necks abruptly or find it difficult to breathe, a gapeworm is currently disturbing the birds.

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