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May 21, 2024
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Togo: Husbandry and Dairy Co-op Training School to Open in Barkoissi next October

A husbandry co-op training school (IFAD) will open in Barkoissi, by the end of October. In this framework, said the institution’s management on Aug 16, an exam to recruit the first batch (90 people) of students will soon take place.

Youth, aged from 16 to 29, who hold at least a junior-high certificate are eligible. The trainees will be taught how to raise cattle and poultry, and get training on local production and processing of dairy. “Focus will be put on mastering the whole dairy value chain, from production, processing into various products like yogurts, modern and traditional cheese, through to their commercialization.”

After graduating from the institute, the trainees will be deployed in the local husbandry, meat, and dairy industries. Some of them, the IFAD management added, could work at a dairy plant with a processing capacity of 1,000 L per day. The plant is on the same site as the school.

This project should help Togo cut its dairy imports. Presently, the country is said to import 20,000 t of milk per year.

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