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May 21, 2024
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Prepare Poultry Houses For Warming Weather

Warmer weather is around the corner and now is a good time to conduct poultry house maintenance to help protect bird comfort and promote profitability.  Here are  important checks recommended by Cumberland district manager, Mark Cook.

  • Fans – Check fan belts for tightness and to make sure they ride on top of the pullies rather than inside. Grease the bearings and wash or clean fan housings and shutters of any dirt or debris.  “Even a thin film of dust can change the air flow, reducing performance,” Cook says.
  • Cool Cells – Clean cool cell pads, using an approved cleanser to remove mineral deposits. Dirty cool cells restrict air flow and reduce fan performance.
  • Building exterior – Inspect the outside of the poultry house and repair any burst pipes or other structural issues. This can include building damage caused by rodents attempting to gain access during the winter months. “A poultry house operates like wind tunnel, and any holes can disrupt the desired air flow,” Cook says.

He adds that warm weather prep ideally should be completed no later than March 1 in southern and southeast states, and according to local climate conditions in other poultry producing regions of the country.

“Proper cooling and ventilation will help producers maximize profitability through improved bird livability and lower feed conversion,” Cook says.

For additional information, producers can access their local ag university resources or visit www.CumberlandPoultry.com.

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