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July 13, 2024
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Keeping quality and staying safe

Feed mill managers, feed producers, and farmers have high standards to meet in terms of preservation and hygiene. It is worthwhile to invest in the well-being of animals—as well as workers—through quality hygienic feed that is full of nutrients, free of pathogens, contains only a low number of spoiling microbes, and supports animal health and welfare. Healthy animals can fully achieve their production potential, minimizing veterinary costs.

Eastman Animal Nutrition offers one of the widest portfolios of organic acids available—a growing spectrum of proven solutions that ensure the quality and efficacy of your feed and prevent losses that could be caused by spoiling. Eliminating losses and ensuring optimal animal production are vital to improving sustainability in animal production.

Leverage Eastman’s expansive portfolio, formulation expertise, and decades of industry experience steeped in scientific know-how to find the right preservation or hygiene solution.

High-quality feed with low-spoilage bacteria supports animal health and welfare, increases yields, prevents feed losses, and allows for efficient poultry, swine, and ruminant farm management—letting you focus on creating value for your farms.

Our regional teams have a deep understanding of local conditions, challenges, and breeds to offer best-in-class technical support. We take a collaborative approach throughout the value chain and share your sense of stewardship for animals and the environment.

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