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June 20, 2024
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Hostazym® X Proves Its Added Value In Lactating Sow Nutrition Again

Improved feed digestibility and a healthier digestive process will support sow energy metabolism and help to maintain a good physical condition.

A digestibility trial conducted at ILVO, Belgium showed once again that Hostazym® X can significantly improve nutrient digestibility.

The trial used 18 individually housed sows in farrowing crates. Sows were equally distributed by parity and body condition score to one of the two treatments (nine replicates of one sow per treatment). The trial compared a control group fed with a barley, wheat, wheat middling, rye, soybean meal and maize based diet with a group fed with the same diet supplemented with 1,500 EPU/kg feed of Hostazym® X. The test diets were fed as soon as the sows were moved to the farrowing crates, approximately seven days before farrowing.

The first three weeks were considered an adaptation period to the new feed. In the fourth week, faecal samples from each sow were collected for four consecutive days. Samples were used for analysis of total apparent faecal digestibility of nutrients. Technical performance parameters of the sow and progeny were also measured.

The results, summarized in Table 1 and Table 2, clearly show that:

  • There were no statistically significant differences in the zootechnical performance of the sows. Numerically, the Hostazym® X treatment group had lower loss of weight per sow (from start to weaning) and the number of born piglets was slightly higher (+0.3 piglets), with fewer dead pigs at birth (-1 piglet).
  • Supplementation with Hostazym® X led to a significant increase in total apparent faecal digestibility of NDF (neutral detergent fibre), hemicellulose and NSP (non-starch polysaccharides; <0.05).
  • Hostazym® X addition improved dry matter and organic matter digestibility (0.05 < < 0.10). A numerical improvement in protein and gross energy digestibility were also recorded.

Table 1. Effect of Hostazym® X on lactating sows and progeny

Table 2. Total apparent faecal digestibility of feed nutrients during lactation (%) Values in the same row with different superscrips (a,b) are significantly different < 0.05. Values in the same row with different superscripts (x,y) are significantly different 0.05 < < 0.10.

Key facts

Including Hostazym® X in the diet of lactating sows at 1,500 EPU/kg:

  • significantly increases the nutrient digestibility of the feed, especially hemicellulose and NSPs
  • supports sow zootechnical performance resulting in better body condition (less weight loss)

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