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Ebenfeld Hutterian Brethren Enhances Poultry Production with BioTherm’s Cutting Edge Heating System

Ebenfeld Hutterian Brethren, a sixth-generation poultry farming facility, has successfully improved their operations by implementing BioTherm’s innovative DuoFin® Perimeter heating system. This forward-looking solution has proven essential in maintaining optimal poultry conditions during harsh Canadian winters, ensuring healthier poultry production and greater egg yields.

Ebenfeld Hutterian Brethren’s facility, located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, boasts two barns, spanning 12,500 and 32,000 square feet, respectively. Specializing in free-run poultry and pullet farming, the facility faced the significant challenge of safeguarding their flocks against frigid Canadian temperatures. Maintaining optimal conditions was crucial for the well-being of their chickens and sustaining their impressive egg production of 25,000 eggs per day.

In November 2022, Ebenfeld Hutterian Brethren made the strategic decision to invest in BioTherm’s DuoFin Perimeter heating system. The choice was prompted by the need for a reliable heating solution and the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, which hindered communications with an overseas heating system provider.According to Don Hofer of Ebenfeld Hutterian Brethren, “We looked at heating systems from Holland, but it was during the pandemic and couldn’t get ahold of anyone. We did a quick Google search and found BioTherm, who was located on the same continent, so we decided to give the local guys a try. We want to support ‘local,’ and we’re so glad we did.”

The results of this investment were exceptional. The DuoFin system demonstrated its efficiency and reliability during the harsh winter months. Despite external temperatures plummeting to -40°C (-40°F), the heating system efficiently raised the barn’s internal temperature to a comfortable 36°C (96.8°F) in a short time.Don Hofer also praised the ease of installation of the DuoFin system, saying, “The DuoFin system was really easy to install – that was great. The DuoFin heating system is efficient and has no problem doing what we need it to do. We needed a system that doesn’t collect too much dust, and it’s perfect for our barns. Sleek and puts out the heat!”

DuoFin® lines the perimeter of the pullet barn.

Furthermore, Ebenfeld Hutterian Brethren expressed their satisfaction with the experience of working with the BioTherm team. Don Hofer emphasized his positive interactions with the team, especially with Haley Rader, stating, “Right from the start, I really enjoyed working with the BioTherm team, especially Haley. We just clicked! Such a great experience. I recommend anyone to work with BioTherm – whether it’s heating poultry barns or greenhouses.”Jim Rearden, President of BioTherm, expressed his enthusiasm for the success of the DuoFin Perimeter heating system and its potential to impact a range of industries, saying, “We are excited to launch this product into other industries other than greenhouses, like livestock confinement. Ebenfeld’s success story showcases the versatility and effectiveness of our heating solutions.”

Ebenfeld’s success story is a testament to BioTherm’s dedication to providing effective and reliable heating solutions for agricultural operations. This case study illustrates the positive impact of the DuoFin Perimeter heating system on poultry production and highlights the importance of supporting local businesses during challenging times. For more information about BioTherm’s cutting-edge heating solutions and their work with Ebenfeld Hutterian Brethren, please visit www.biothermsolutions.com

 Benefits of Hydronic Heating in Poultry Production:

  • Helps brooding chicks maintain healthy nutrition status
  • More energy efficient compared to forced air equivalents
  • Allows for enhanced control of each specified zone
  • US-owned, designed, and made
  • Quiet
  • Hygienic
  • Light and requires a small footprint
  • No risk of fires
  • Centralized for easier maintenance
  • Any energy sources can be used to make hot water
  • Doesn’t produce COor other noxious fumes
  • Fully modulating to match load

DuoFin® lines the perimeter of the pullet barn.

DuoFin® now includes ridges along the fins, increasing surface area and producing more heat. A full lineup of finpipe fittings are available for any installation requirements.

About BioTherm

BioTherm has been providing complete hot water heating systems for agriculture since 1980. Systems are completely engineered and shipped for easy installation, complete with boilers and all accessories. Call 1-800-GET-HEAT or visit www.biothermsolutions.com for more information.

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