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June 20, 2024
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Chi Farms Expands Partnership with Hendrix Genetics

Chi Farms Limited has recently announced its partnership expansion with Hendrix Genetics, which will increase the production of layer day-old chicks in Nigeria.

According to a statement by the Company, the Managing Director, Chi Farms, Dr. Tunji Olaitan, commented on the expansion.

He said: “Our strategic expansion programme will respond to demand forecasts in the short, mid and long term by providing both breeder chicks and commercial layer chicks in response to market demands. We are also committed to developing our pen houses and hatchery capacities. Upgrades on the existing infrastructure in line with continuous technical improvements are being carried out for world-class poultry management.”

The Area Manager Africa, Hendrix Genetics, Peter Arts, remarked: “We are excited to expand the scope of our partnership with Chi Farms to continue to improve breed quality, increase production volume to meet market demands, and provide technical training through our breeding programs.”
Martin Middernacht, Executive Director – Chi Farms, commented on the commitments towards capacity building.

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