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October 4, 2023
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Cameroon identifies Equatorial Guinea as the origin of some frozen chicken and pork smuggled into the national territory

The Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries, and Animal Industries (Minepia) recently destroyed 5 tons of frozen poultry and pork products in Mvog Betsi, Yaoundé. According to the Ministry, the products were seized from dishonest traders who fraudulently introduced them into local markets. “This action aims to restore the soundness of the poultry and pork sectors while protecting local production,” the ministry explained.

Asked about the origin of the said products, the ministry said they came from Equatorial Guinea. “The rate at which these products are entering Cameroon from Equatorial Guinea is incredible. It is the handiwork of traders and unsuspecting people [uniformed men/women sometimes] who use various tricks to smuggle those illicit goods.  Sometimes, border inspectors are bribed to allow frozen chicken and pork from Equatorial Guinea into Cameroon,” the MINEPIA explains.

According to the institution, the illegal practices are facilitated by the proximity with the neighboring country.

In Cameroon, the importation of frozen chicken and pork was prohibited in 2006. Since then, veterinary services have been checking local markets to ensure the effectiveness of that measure.

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