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BIOMIN Announces EU Authorization for FUMzyme® for Fermenting Feed in All Species

Leading animal nutrition and feed additive firm BIOMIN has just announced the EU authorization of FUMzyme®, the only commercially available mycotoxin-deactivating enzyme and component of Mycofix®, for application in fermenting feed including silages.

FUMzyme, a fumonisin esterase, is a purified enzyme that detoxifies fumonisins –a category of mycotoxins produced by Fusarium fungi— into non-toxic metabolites.

Fumonisins are a group of secondary fungal metabolites (mycotoxins) that contaminate crops in the field and have a variety of negative consequences in livestock and humans. The latest BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey reveals that fumonisins occur in 80% of over 6000 corn samples analyzed worldwide.

The challenge for dairy farmers stems is that fumonisins pass through the rumen largely intact and have been proven to damage the intestinal epithelium, thereby decreasing nutrient absorption and causing leaky gut. In a 2020 paper by Gallo et al. published in the Journal of Dairy Science, a low contamination of fumonisins combined with deoxynivalenol led to an average 1.34L decrease in milk production and signs of liver damage after only 21 days of exposition.

“The dairy industry has expressed increasing concern regarding contamination of feedstuffs by fumonisins and other mycotoxins due to their negative consequences for reproduction, performance and health,” observed Ms Ursula Hofstetter, Head of Global Product Management Mycotoxins at BIOMIN.

“The EU authorization affirms the safety and efficacy of FUMzyme® in combatting fumonisins. Now dairy farmers have a new tool to guard their herds’ health status and profitability, thereby contributing to more sustainable agriculture,” stated Ms Hofstetter.

Scientific opinion paved way to authorization

On 21 July 2020, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Panel on Additives and Products or Substances used in Animal Feed (FEEDAP) published a favorable Scientific Opinion on the safety and efficacy of FUMzyme® in fermenting feeds in all species.

According to the EFSA Scientific Opinion, “The additive has the capacity to degrade fumonisins in fermenting feed (with a fumonisin content within the guidance limits operating in the EU) when used at the minimum recommended dose of 40 U/kg feed. This conclusion is based on the results from three studies in which statistically significant fumonisins reduction was recorded in treated silage.”

In addition, the Opinion noted the safety of FUMzyme®, stating “The FEEDAP Panel concludes that the use of additive under the proposed conditions of use is safe for target animals, consumers and the environment.”

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