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July 21, 2024
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Product innovations illustrate the 360° portfolio at VIV Asia 2023

Every two years Bangkok briefly becomes the epicenter of the Asian livestock industry. VIV Asia is the largest trade show in Asia that is fully dedicated to the intensive livestock industry, from feed production to house equipment. For Roxell, it’s also an extremely important trade show for introducing the market to our new product innovations.

360° range for house equipment at VIV Asia

Innovation is in Roxell’s DNA. Every year, we succeed in launching quality, innovative products on the market. Last year was no exception, as we launched a few important innovative products, which are part of our 360° portfolio for poultry and pigs. VIV Asia was also the first trade show where we revealed our digital plan for the future with the Advanced Connected Environment. See an overview of our new product innovations at VIV Asia:

Durability and convenience with the Fortena™ chain feeding system

We recently launched the Fortena™ chain feeding system for broiler breeders in the production period. This completes our total range for feeding, which now contains a solution for every type of poultry farmer.

The Fortena chain feeding system is one of a kind. Every one of our systems is innovative, durable and performant and this chain is no exception. Specifically, our feeding experts worked on the design of the chain, feed trough and corner wheels. That is why the feed intake improves with Fortena and that is due to the greater ease with which hens eat. The feed remains intact better and the hens get to the feed more easily. Moreover, the new corner wheels require hardly any maintenance. Finally, we use high-quality materials and techniques to guarantee the longevity for which Roxell is known.

Oxsano tunnel fan for economical energy consumption

Energy consumption is an important focus for a farmer to keep running costs under control. Because today, we don’t know what energy prices will do in the long run.

Variable speed fans are therefore a very sensible choice. Because a motor that adjusts the speed to the actual need will consume much less energy. Our Oxsano tunnel fan is therefore a durable choice in the long term, also thanks to the corrosion-resistant materials. In addition, the direct drive motor completely eliminates the need to replace or repair a belt.

The premium dispenser for feeding sows

We recently launched an updated Dos7® dispenser that has features to make farmers’ lives easier and feeding times calmer.

This premium dispenser is designed for modern pig farming. Our R&D department built an entirely new dispenser aimed at perfecting feeding. If each dispenser avoids giving too much or too little feed, you can gain massive savings that way. In addition, the dispenser is easy to use and to clean.

Work more efficiently with the Roxell Advanced Connected Environment.

Our most recent launch was the Roxell Advanced Connected Environment, which is a digital umbrella that encompasses all of the smart products that we are launching within Roxell’s 360° product portfolio. This new step in our innovative product range enables poultry and pig farmers to prepare for the future and clears the way for the efficient integration of Roxell’s innovations.

With the Roxell Advanced Connected Environment, we enable poultry and pig farmers to work more efficiently, save time, and reduce labor and maintenance costs with their connected iQon controller. All from their computer or smartphone.

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