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June 20, 2024
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Anta®Phyt gives the »good bugs« a head start

The gut content of broilers contains around 107 to 1011 microorganisms per gram, and not all of these microorganisms are beneficial. A normal and stable microbiome is one of the criteria that defines gut health, and only a healthy gut enables the animal to respond and adapt to challenges and stress. The start of the production cycle is a crucial time to allow a beneficial intestinal flora to be established quickly.

The phytogenic feed additive Anta®Phyt can make all the difference. Studies have shown that Anta®Phyt, which was designed to support a healthy microflora in the digestive tract, has a positive influence on performance parameters such as daily weight gain and feed conversion, and on animal welfare-related parameters. The result is fewer nutrient losses, better palatability and healthier feet.

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Optimal gut health from start to finish

These desireable results were demonstrated again in a recent broiler trial at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland.

In the study, the effect of Anta®Phyt on the caecal microbiota of broiler chicks was tested at day 28 and day 42 of the production cycle. The negative control group received no additive, while the positive control received a prebiotic feed additive. The result: Anta®Phyt increased the relative abundance of lactate and butyrate producing bacteria. In more detail, the abundance of the butyrate producing clostridia ssp. was significantly increased at day 28 and numerically at day 42 compared to the control group. At day 42, Anta®Phyt increased the abundance of bifidobacteria significantly and lactobacilli and clostridia numerically (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Anta®Phyt promotes the abundance of a beneficial flora in the caecum of broilers compared to a negative control and a prebiotic (Koniezcka et al., 2020, personal communication)

This underlines the great potential of Anta®Phyt to help broilers quickly establish and maintain the beneficial lactate and butyrate producing bacteria, strengthening the intestinal barrier against disease and improving animal well-being.

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