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July 21, 2024
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Animal Right Campaigners Seek Alternatives To Meat Consumption

The ongoing cage-free campaign popularized by the Animal protection organization of Nigeria took a new twist as the group launched a plant-based campaign during the week.

According to the campaign coordinator, Mr Olugbenga Abayomi Adebayo, the vegan campaign is part of the ongoing cage-free campaign targeting menace of animal agriculture.

“Animal agriculture contributes largely to GHG emissions affecting climate and environmental pollution. Also, humans risk contracting deadly terminal diseases from consuming Heme iron mostly found in animal meat. We are here today to create awareness on the hazards of factory farming and alternative diets that are environmental and climate-friendly and which also guarantee healthy living through its consumption.” he said.

The event which took place in the Cultural Centre in Ibadan brought together Ibadan socialites and veterans in the Nigerian movie industry.

The Oyo state governor of Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), Rose Odika, who was also present at the event, said she was happy this subject was brought to the public as many Nigerians are dying in silence from consumption of red meat. She advised that animals be given a second thought of substituting with plant-based options.

Addressing the public on the need to choose plant-based food as an alternative to animal meat, the Executive director of APON, Mr Joseph Odika, said APON is launching different campaigns addressing different yet similar topics. “Nigeria is a multicultural society, identifying campaign targets is crucial to achieving the desired results. We are using a one health approach to address critical and common issues which are animal abuse, climate change, human health, and environmental health.” Odika said.

He, however, thanked the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) for making the campaign possible and also, Viggie Victory – a plant-based and vegan food manufacturing company for providing the plant-based meat for the event which was proudly accepted by the attendants.

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