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July 13, 2024
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Namibia’s agricultural sector witnessed a significant milestone with the launch of Kadila Poultry Farming on Friday.

Calle Schlettwein, the Minister of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform, said at the inauguration of the new project that it is set to reinforce the country’s food security, create jobs, and empower local communities.

Schlettwein stressed the importance of Kadila Poultry in enhancing Namibia’s agricultural landscape.

“We are not just inaugurating a new poultry farm; we are celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and private sector initiative that drives our nation forward,” he said.

The Minister reiterated the vital role of the agricultural sector as the backbone of Namibia’s economy, providing sustenance, employment, and hope to many Namibian families.

According to Schlettwein, the project stands out for its economic potential as well as for its social impact because the majority of the farm’s owners come from disadvantaged backgrounds, showcasing the transformative power of entrepreneurship.

“Their success serves as an inspiration and a beacon of hope for many Namibians who aspire to improve their lives through hard work and innovation,” Schlettwein said.

By increasing local poultry production, Kadila aims to reduce Namibia’s reliance on imports, retain more wealth within the country, and strengthen the food supply chain.

The farm is expected to create numerous job opportunities, providing stable incomes and contributing to the overall economic development of the region.

Schlettwein urged all stakeholders, including the Meat Board and the Ministry of Trade, to ensure robust support for the local market.

“We must prioritize and support Namibian products, fostering a self-sufficient and thriving agricultural sector,” he stated.

The Minister also called on the Directorate of Veterinary Services to continue their efforts in securing international markets for Namibian poultry, particularly in the European Union.

Schlettwein expressed his gratitude to the entrepreneurs behind Kadila for their bold investment and commitment to excellence, transforming an ambitious vision into a reality.

According to the minister, Kadila Poultry Farming is more than just a new business venture; it is a symbol of what can be achieved when the private sector and communities work together with a shared purpose.

“Let us remember that Kadila is a symbol of what we can achieve when the private sector and the community work together with a shared purpose. It reminds us that progress is made through collaboration, dedication, and a steadfast belief in our potential,” Schlettwein said.

He said that the launch of Kadila Poultry marks a new era for Namibia’s agricultural sector, embodying the country’s resilience and ingenuity.

The minister added that the project stands as a testimony to the potential of Namibia’s people to achieve greatness through hard work and collaboration.

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