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July 21, 2024
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Hy-Line Invests in Chick Quality

Hy-Line International continues to invest in the best technologies to produce high quality chicks for its distributors. The addition of a chick storage room at the Iowa production facilities optimizes the hatching and transportation stages so chicks can reach their maximum genetic potential.

Chick storage rooms are designed to regulate the perfect environment including temperature, humidity, and air flow chicks need just after hatching. It is add-on to the hatchery facility, where chicks may remain before being delivered to customers around the world. Although it is not used for every order, the storage room provides optimal conditions to match the departures of domestic and international deliveries.

“The chick storage room optimizes chick quality and livability of parent stock deliveries to our distributors,” said Travis Schaal, director of global production. “This investment shows Hy-Line’s dedication to the global, but local mission of assisting customers to reach the maximum genetic potential of our varieties.”

Hy-Line distributors and their customers directly profit from this new technology. It increases hatchery productivity in our Iowa production center, the starting point of all Hy-Line genetics to the world. As a result, more high-quality GP and PS chicks are produced and delivered to customers, directly impacting distribution and commercial egg laying businesses.

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