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July 13, 2024
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HatchTech :- Best hatch results with 24-day incubation process

With SetCare, the new setter developed by HatchTech Incubation Technology, eggs are incubated for 24 days instead of the traditional 21 days. This results in 3% lower embryo mortality, which automatically means an improved hatching performance. The chicks that hatch will demonstrate an overall improved chick quality.

Best hatch results with 24-day incubation process

SetCare builds on HatchTech’s years of research into the beginning of the incubation period, in which embryo mortality is relatively high. This has long been accepted as an inevitable part of incubation, but a more in-depth research and a closer look at the natural incubation process, reveals that the industry-standard of a 21-day incubation process is sub-optimal. A 24-day incubation process with a more gradual increase in egg temperature is needed to help embryo cells to survive and to achieve the best hatch result.

Superior chick quality

‘SetCare suits our promise to deliver superior chick quality’ states Joost Ter Heerdt, Commercial Director of HatchTech Group. ‘SetCare reduces embryo mortality, resulting in an increase of hatchability by at least 3%. Also, overall the number of 1st grade chicks increases, as do average chick length and quality, and improved FCR while a smaller hatching window ensures higher uniformity.’

An optimal process

‘It’s not only about the length of the incubation period’, Joost continues. ‘SetCare builds on all benefits that were already present in our MicroClimer Setter but adds even more. The unique precision-control set-up of SetCare incubation environment enables a consistent extremely slow warming process (+0,1 °F per hour). Combined with carefully controlled humidity and CO2 levels, this provides a uniform and optimal incubation environment. Both for layer and broiler eggs. We are convinced that SetCare is a breakthrough solution changing the poultry industry at large. Because optimal incubation takes 24 days.’


Later this year HatchTech will organize SetCare-days in their new HQ in the Netherlands. During these days, HatchTech will provide more information about SetCare, including lectures from Dr. Carla van der Pol and Dr. Jan Wijnen with their research team.

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