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December 7, 2023
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USAID-Powered Poultry Venture Empowers ‘Chomapreneurs’ Beating Unemployment

With Kenya still grappling with a distressing and, to some extent, an impending unemployment crisis, as indicated by data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), private organizations in the country continue to support the government’s endeavors to ameliorate the issue.

The Feed the Future Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems (KCDMS), a program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is one such entity that has registered tremendous success in creating jobs for millions of unemployed youth.

Over a span of six years, from 2013 onwards, the program has actively contributed to job creation in the country, particularly within the agricultural sector. 

KCDMS’s primary objective in promoting employment has been to mitigate the adverse economic impacts on the less privileged segments of the population.

To exemplify, in the realm of poultry farming, KCDMS has empowered young individuals to become entrepreneurs, providing them with the means to earn a respectable livelihood with reliable daily income.

– Chomapreneurs –

In Kisumu, KCDMS has collaborated with poultry enterprises such as Chicken Basket to transform unemployed youth into “chomapreneurs” – a term used to describe young individuals primarily involved in grilling chicken and sausages, enabling them to secure a steady source of income.

Chicken Basket, a social enterprise based in Kisumu, dedicates itself to empowering women and young people through poultry production as a means of livelihood.

They serve as a comprehensive hub for all aspects of poultry, offering services that include the provision of chicks, feeds, medications, training, extension support, and a market for fully grown chickens.

“Thanks to KCDMS, I am spending on myself. I proudly consider myself a chomapreneur who earns a decent living, and the KCDMS program has empowered me,” shared Onyango Ochieng during a visit to his vending station in Kisumu, as reported to Capital News.


After investing an initial sum of Sh2,500, which covered the cost of grilling equipment, eggs, and smokies, Ochieng’s daily profits have seen a significant rise.

When he first entered the business, he was making just Sh50 per day, but now his earnings have reached Sh800.

– Over 50 Chomapreneurs –

Thanks to the assistance extended by KCDMS to Chicken Basket, Ochieng is one of more than 50 young individuals who have achieved full self-employment and can now enjoy a respectable income, supporting their livelihoods.

“My life took a turn after I got to meet Chicken Basket. With employment being scarce, through them I am now able to support myself and my family,” he said.

Abisai Nandi, the owner of Chicken Basket, emphasized that the support provided has had a substantial and positive impact on the lives of these youths.

Abisai Nandi – Sole proprietor of Chicken Basket in Kisumu County/Davis Ayega

With a vision to expand and engage additional unemployed youths, Nandi expressed strong confidence that partnerships like the one with KCDMS will play a pivotal role in gradually and effectively addressing the issue of unemployment in the country.

“Unemployment can be a thing of the past in the country with the right partnerships and such drives, it is possible,” he said.

– Obwombe Enterprises –

Obwombe Enterprises, situated in Yala within Siaya County, serves as another illustrative example of an organization that has benefited from KCDMS support, leading to the empowerment of young individuals and, in turn, the broader community in the area.

The enterprise actively assists the local community in raising locally improved Kienyenji chickens, subsequently selling them to generate revenue for both the farmers and the community members.

“We have helped the community to do business with us hence making it a win-win situation where we all get to benefit from the poultry business,” Paul Oketch, the enterprise Director of Operations said.

Paul Oketch, Obwombe Enterprises Director of Operations/Davis Ayega

KCDMS’s support has played a vital role in empowering the youths by providing them with access to training, resources, markets, and supportive policies.

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